Welcome to Action Care Mobile Veterinary Clinic, LLC, a mobile clinic veterinary service in Southern Maryland. This is a 22-foot Dodgen veterinary unit that is well equipped to handle most routine and preventative care, diagnostic and blood testing, routine dentistry, anesthesia, and some surgical services.

Action Care Mobile Vet serves clients within a geographic area of approximately 20-25 miles of the Mechanicsville area in Northern St. Mary’s County. We will serve St. Mary’s, Charles, and Calvert Counties within this geographic boundary. We are a canine and feline practice only.

Action Care Mobile Vet is ideal for multi-pet households, senior citizens, busy parents, working clients that prefer Saturday hours, and clients with limited transportation or limited mobility.

Action Care Mobile Vet Clinic in Southern Maryland

With over 20 years of experience in small animal and emergency medicine, and nine years as a St. Mary’s County resident, Dr. Diane Krasznay is enthusiastic about being able to now offer a broad range of veterinary services to clients at the convenience of their homes in this area. Experienced, friendly veterinary staff will be available on most calls to assist with all aspects of the examination, testing, and treatment of pets. Animals may be admitted for brief in-patient care or short-term hospitalization, but pets needing overnight hospitalization, critical care, or major surgery will be referred to full service facilities. Additionally, all serious emergencies will be referred to an appropriate local, emergency, or referral specialty veterinary hospital.


Action Care Mobile Veterinary Clinic, LLC has a mission to provide quality, compassionate, and experienced veterinary care for dogs and cats at the convenience of home. In order to provide quality care, Dr. Krasznay has implemented the following:

  • VIN membership: the Veterinary Information Network provides access to the latest, up-to-date methods, protocols, and trends of veterinary practice with online support of over 100 veterinary consultants and specialists in many different areas of expertise.
  • Up-to-date vaccination protocols with the flexibility to adjust based on client’s preference and concernsSafe gas anesthesia and up-to-date sedation drug protocols
  • Pain relief offered and implemented when requested and necessary
  • HW preventative, flea/tick products, and prescriptions delivered directly to the client’s home (with a current doctor-client relationship)
  • Good diagnostic work-up capabilities and testing available (including In-house Elisa testing and portable I-stat machine for emergency use)

  • Dental prophylaxis with monitoring under anesthesia
  • Microchipping with Home Again Microchips
  • Up-to-date monitoring equipment including EKG, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry
  • Outpatient surgical services available
  • Outpatient IV fluids and treatments available, with infusion pump
  • Home euthanasia and body care service
  • Quality compassionate care with a friendly, experienced doctor and staff



Action Care Mobile Veterinary Clinic, LLC charges a house call fee, based on location, in addition to the examination fee per pet, and other fees for vaccination, testing, treatments, or prescriptions.  The house call fee may be shared if multiple pets will be seen in one location.  Fees are due and payable at the time services are rendered.  No billing or payment plans are available, but most credit cards, bankcards and checks are accepted and can be processed with a wireless terminal on site.  For further general information, information on pricing, or to schedule an appointment, please call 301-884-PETS (7387) to leave a message or email us: pets@actioncarevet.com.

Dr. Krasznay, DVM
President, Action Care Mobile Veterinary Clinic, LLC